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Kenn I. Hicks, LCSW - Licensed Psychotherapist

24 Hour Call Line • (818) 788-8667 •

Kenn I. Hicks is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been providing individual, group, and family therapy for over thirty years with youth, adults, and the elderly. Services provided include:
• Divorce/Separation Therapy • Marriage & Relationship Counseling
• Therapy for Depression • Individual & Family Therapy
• Drug /Alcohol & Other Addiction Counseling • Domestic Violence Prevention Treatment
• Grief Counseling • Facilitator of Various Support Groups

Another unique concern for Hicks is providing therapy to professional athletes and celebrities. There may not be another psychotherapist specializing in specifically meeting the needs of this target population. Hicks feels professional athletes and celebrities must continue to perform at a high level of public accountability and cannot afford to be burdened by emotional problems.

Along with traditional office therapy, Hicks offers new progressive approaches: In-Home Psychotherapy, Telephone Counseling, E-Mail Counseling, and Telephone Text Message Counseling. These new approaches are for clients not amenable to the traditional office visits. Hicks is on call 24 hours and will provide therapy as needed at any location. This service is also extended to the client's family members needing psychiatric intervention. Of course, confidentiality and professionalism is a priority.

License and references submitted upon request • Download Couseling Brochure

Kenn I. Hicks, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, 818.788.8667